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  For over 40 years, ουr office ARIS BITSAKIS, has been successfully working with its partners to respond and deliver to their needs, in the field οf plastics and machinery distribution. Ουr major goal is to develop collaborative partnerships with ουr Clients, working with them to continuously add value to the customer-supplier relationship.  

 Aris Bitsakis, with in-depth experience οf over fifty years, founded the enterprise in 1978, having previously worked at an agency office with similar activities.
Company represents many major European companies in the Greek Market dealing with machinery manufacture, auxiliary equipment and materials used in the plastics industry. 

 In 2013 the two daughters Christina and Stella Bitsakis, who had already been working in the company for many years, took over the management of the company. 

The name of the company was modified to C. & S. BITSAKI OE, keeping the same trade mark “ARIS BITSAKIS” and focusing on the same activities, as it was successfully organized and implemented during the previous years.

 Throughout the years, company has gained and maintained the trust and acceptance of a significant number of important customers.
“ARIS BITSAKIS” has managed to be recognized as one of the well-known and respectful Companies in this field, offering to Clients a wide range of products and services that cover a very big part of the corresponding market demands.

 The company using a group οf highly qualified and experienced professionals as its driving force, offers first class technical support and services, in cooperation with the technical Teams οf the corresponding Brands which represents, in order to meet Customers’ needs.

 In 2018, the founder & leader of company passed away, leaving behind as a heritage everything he taught about plastics sector but most of all, his posthumous fame aftereffect of his quality, consistency, goodness and morality; as a great personality, like father, boss and mentor fills us full of pride!!!

 We move on, keeping on the same high standards of dedication and commitment in our cooperation with our Customers and Suppliers, having their support; we’re walking on his tracks with the same spirit, dedication and consistency to cooperation, following all that he believed in!!


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